Hi! I’m Matti Schneider.

Glad to have you here. Have a look around, take some time.

I am a transdisciplinary engineer

By that, I mean that I draw from all domains of knowledge in order to craft whatever I aim for: talk, software, team, organisation or public policy.

I design digital products that have a positive impact on the world. I lead, coach, program professionally and speak publicly.

I’ve made

My current main occupation

Looking for ways to put my skills at use in the climate emergency.

I am welcoming paid (or at least expenses-covered) opportunities to collaborate, speak or otherwise help organisations that have non-extractive business models with positive externalities, especially in the digital domain. Shoot me an email at contact@[my first name].consulting.

Before that

I defended the European elections against disinformation by empowering through technical and diplomatic tools all existing democratic antibodies: journalists, NGOs, public institutions, citizens. My team published evidence that all major social media networks were disloyal in their transparency efforts.

I made a round-the-world trip to understand other cultures and study self-organised productive digital communities. I worked with incubators and governments of Aotearoa New Zealand, Kanaky New Caledonia and Polynesia and disseminated the concept and tools of Regulation as code.

I used this somehow slower time to publish resources on a digital transformation that places human beings front and center, such as alternatives to the “gig economy” and a whitepaper on digital commons. Both have been used by the highest institutions in France.

I spent 3 years updating the French government. I explored and documented how to leverage practices such as Digital Transformation, Lean Startup, Pirate Metrics, OKRs and KPIs, datascience for the public good rather than for private interest.

I wrote academic stuff on artefacts and ritualisation in agile teams, compared agile tools, sticky notes, and created the guide board to support the continuous improvement of an agile team's culture.

I managed the product of a startup aiming at improving the efficiency and human-friendliness of public hospitals information systems. The product was loved by users but we failed to get paying customers before funding ran out in this strongly regulated environment.

I founded and managed a product helping reduce the carbon footprint of student campuses in France that got used by over 70k students & teachers.

Interested in working with me?

Check out my full work history and send me an email at contact@[my first name].consulting.

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